Science Fair

The following projects have been selected to register for SARSEF:

Individual Projects
Freeze Drink - Wilson Perkins
How to Make a Solar Oven - Harrison Heyer
No Seam Dream! - Naomi Gutierrez
Cats Right or Left Handed? - Iam Plumlee
Erosion Explosion - Henry Heyer
Do Plants Grow Better in the Shade or Sun?  Abraham Perkins

Class Projects
Water Harvesting Playscape - Schiess
Our Cozy Cardboard Community - Campbell
Backyard Birding Builders - Capas
To Eat or Not to Eat - Valdez
Save the Pill Bugs! - Segroves
Preserving Apples - Lewis
Say Watt! - Wendt
Keep it Cool - Creager
Backyard Bird Feeders - Hitchings
Backyard Birders - Siegel
Rollie Pollie Resicence - Strickland

5th Grade Project
Mediterranean Gecko and Natural House Disasters
Victoria Rendon, Joaquin Gonzalez, Aiden Leon

American Alligator in Florida
Julian Ashley, Angel Sosa, Zariah Franklin, Natalia Rhodes

Blue Striped Ribbon Snake
Emma King, Dianika Wagner, Aubriella Lettman

6th Grade Engineering
Bat Habitat - Carter Schiess
The Bag Helper - Adrian Baier-Ruiz
The No-Go Coller - Addisyn Arvig
Water Wash Trash Net - Emma Petroshus
Seed Dispersal 10,000 - Wilde Anderson