Dear Parents and Families,

The overall goal for our library is the development of each child's appreciation for and understanding of reading. As you well know, the love of reading begins at an early age and continues through a lifetime. It is my wish that the seeds you plant at home will truly be nurtured through your child's career here in our library and at Hendricks.

Each student will visit the library on Days 1, 2 or 3. Upper grade students may check-out up to 2 books and first and second graders may check-out 1 book. Kindergarten will spend time learning the procedures of a library and will also learn to check out, but their books will remain in their classroom for use. However, in the case of reports, class projects, or just super readers, I am always willing to allow the students more than their limit. It is my philosophy that I would rather have the book in the hands of a child who will learn from it than sitting on our shelf collecting dust. Also, students may renew a book in order to successfully complete it if it presents a suitable challenge to their reading skills. This ability and achievement is honored by way of entry into the 200 Club or Classic Reading Club. Library club members are honored with a certificate at each assembly. This has proven a successful avenue to encourage students to read chapter books.

Our library collection has been selected to support classroom curriculum and individual reading interests. Each year a review of Caldecot and Newberry Medal lists add more winning books to the Hendricks Library. The library curriculum itself has been carefully reviewed and adopted by a district committee to provide students with a lifetime of learning through literature. Early in the student's career, the library curriculum may focus on routine, etiquette, and book selection. As the students grow, so will their knowledge of the organization of a library, genres of literature, and the process involved in successfully selecting a book to read. Older students will be actively involved in learning the vast amount of resources available in a library as they evolve into students proficient in the area of researching. I am proud of our reference and research area where students may obtain knowledge through almanacs, atlases, encyclopedias, and educational internet connections.

It is my sincere hope that the Hendricks Library will serve the needs of each student. Please feel free to stop in and join us as we continue our journey of knowledge through books.

Jessica Devoy