Fine Arts

Hendricks Music Program

The music room at Hendricks is full of instruments and enthusiasm! We are very fortunate to have so many musical opportunities, ranging from dancing in kindergarten to playing in the band in sixth grade. The music program offers a variety of ways to explore musical understanding and appreciation.

The general music curriculum uses activities such as singing, movement, instrument playing and listening to teach the elements of music. Every grade level participates in a performance, such as a musical or concert, one time throughout the school year. This gives each student the opportunity to become a performer on stage. Fourth graders spend the year in music class learning to play the recorder. This is an excellent beginning instrument to help prepare children to play a musical instrument in the band or orchestra in fifth grade.

The Hendricks band and orchestra program is for students in the fifth and sixth grades. Learning to play an instrument is an incredible and rewarding opportunity for students. Students involved in these groups are required to participate in two or three concerts throughout the year. One of these concerts is a district wide festival at the high school involving band and orchestra students from all across the district, ranging from beginners to advanced players in high school. It has proven to be an exciting event year after year. Hendricks does have some string and wind instruments available to borrow with a district mandated fee.

The following expectations are required of all band and orchestra students:

(1) Concert attendance at all performances.
(2) Practicing!!! Students are expected to practice at home to meet playing test requirements.
(3) Class attendance with instrument and music every rehearsal.
(4) Occasional sectional classes held at lunch. These “extra” meetings allow me to work with one instrument section at a time and provide the extra assistance needed, especially in the beginner stages.

Hendricks also offers an after school choir that meets two times a week from 2:15-3:00. All students in 4th, 5th and 6th grades are able to participate. No auditions are required! We just want an eager group of students who enjoy singing and having a good time together. The choir also sings in a district wide festival involving singers from all the schools in the district. What a neat experience!

As you can see, Hendricks offers a wide selection of musical opportunities for all its students. Music is such an important aspect of our daily lives. As a music educator, I strive to achieve musical appreciation and understanding, as well as provide an enriching experience for all my students. Please stop by and see our wonderful music room!

Lori McCarthy,
Music Director