Chess Challenge

Hendricks Chess Club
Posted on 11/30/2022

Thirteen of our Hendricks students participated in a competitive Sonoran Desert Championship Chess tournament last Saturday! This was the first tournament ever for 5 of the students: Henry, Erick, Roy, Harrison and Nathan. Others who participated were Kairi, Abraham, Gabe, Wilson, and Addison.

Luca DeFilippis earned a medallion by tying for 5th place in the K-3 division with 3 points, and Matthew Almeida earned the 5th place trophy in the K-6 section also with 3 points. Our top player from Hendricks was Tobias Hammar who tied for first place in the k-6 section with 4 points! 


Everyone had a good time and learned some new moves or tactics.


Hendricks hosted this exciting event! Thank you to PTO and all the parent volunteers who made this possible.


Mr. and Mrs. Knight