Are you ready for a game of volleyball this Fall? How about flag football, cross country, or basketball? Come play with us. If you’re not a sports person, come watch and cheer for our Hawks. 

Check out our season’s schedule of games. Talk to your teacher if you want to play and we’ll sort out the teams after tryouts. Be prepared to have some fun!

After-School Athletics

Elementary Sports Schedule 2019-2020.pdf

Before-School Athletics

All 4th, 5th, and 6th grade girls and boys can participate.

Volleyball - August 26th - October 3rd
Cross-Country - October 7th - November 14th
Flag Football - November 18 - January 16th   
Girls Basketball - January 21st to March 3rd                           
Boys Basketball - March 9th to April 23rd






Cross Country

Cross Country
Volleyball A Team
Volleyball B team