Science Fair

The following projects have been selected to register for SARSEF:

Individual Projects K-5

·1st Henry Heyer - Eco-Friendly Insulation 

·2nd Nick Gutierrez - Monster Jam Splash Edition 

·3rd Place Tie - Ian Plumlee - Cats' Colors

 3rd Place Tie - Harrison Heyer - Desert Dwellers vs. Forest Folk

Class Projects 

·1st Place Tie Mrs. Wendt's Class - Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold, Just Right at Home 

·1st Place Tie Ms. Siegel's Class - Backyard Birding 

·2nd Place Mrs. Capas' Class - Backyard Birding Builders

·3rd Place Mrs. Schiess' Class - Water Harvesting Playground 

th Grade Group Projects

·1st Place - Pi Anderson,  Eden Williams, Samantha Castillo-Chacon, Jonnie Otero-Anderson - Paper Airplanes

·2nd Place - Tobias Hammar, Mia Gutierrez, Kora Mendoza, Abraham Perkins, and Izaiah Garcia - Rubik's Cube

·3rd Place - Sophie Brewer, Darrien Leon-Rice, A'ana Peacock-Valdez, Zane Schaaf, and April Tucek - Dam Materials 

6th Grade Engineering Projects

·1st Place Robert (Gabe) Skiles - The Vertical Farm

· 2nd Place - Natalie Lodge - The (safe) Fire Seat 

· 3rd Place - Natalia Lee, Ally (Bella) Magallanes - Solar Updraft Tower