Hawks Present Science Fair Projects

Science Fair 2019
Posted on 02/08/2019

We are so proud of each and every one of our Hendricks Hawks that entered a project in the Science Fair. Each one showed creativity and personality. 

Visit our photo gallery to see more. 

2019 Science Fair Winners

Fourth Grade

First Place
From Dr. Popson’s Class

Mariah Amador
Caitlin Barnes
Kejanu Samson

Project Title: Fish Foods Effect on Plants

Second Place
From Mrs. Wendt’s Class

Olivia Hitchings
Mackenzie Kennedy
Ehlana Geary

Project Title: Will it Grow Big or Small

Third Place
From Mrs. Creager’s Class

Maya Martinez
Samantha Montenegro
Diego Arreguin

Project Title: Water Types

Fifth Grade

First Place
From Ms. Laguna’s Class

Jace Callen
Cody Weintraub
Malyiah Tarkington

Project Title: Fearing the Hearing

Second Place
From Ms. Laguna’s Class

Grace Howell
Ariez Martinez
Sam Elkins

Project Title: Feminine Aroma

Third Place
From Ms. Hemen’s Class

Milani Benavidez
Wayne Reddick
Ethan Parker

Project Title: Two Different Genders

Sixth Grade

First Place
From Mrs. Lehman’s Class

Melanie Thompson

Project Title: The Cranker

Second Place
From Mr. Jungbluth’s Class

Reyly Armstrong

Project Title: Monkey Wraps

Third Place
From Mrs. Lehman’s Class

Anya Merten

Project Title: Ready to Read